“We construct portfolios utilizing traditional and alternative strategies, with a high level of customization.”

Berk Nowak, Partner
Highmount Financial: Investment Advice

Global Thematic Investing

No single strategy is appropriate across evolving market cycles, changing economic conditions, and a shifting global environment. Highmount focuses on identifying macro developments, which act as dynamic forces in the world and global markets.

Global thematic investing is an approach that seeks to identify and capitalize on emerging economic, political, and social trends that are likely to have significant and long-lasting implications for the economy and financial markets.

Drawing on a combination of research and experience, Highmount develops themes by assessing the combination of global threats and opportunities.

Examples of themes that Highmount is currently incorporating in their investment thinking are:

  • Running on Empty: Oil and Water
  • Living to Age 100
  • Emerging Markets/Emerging Middle Classes
  • Feeding the World
  • Green, Clean, and Sustainable